Throughout this year, lots of local artists, children and volunteers have worked on the art for this exhibition. Some of these artists sell their work, and donated their time and resources to our project, for which we are very grateful. Please take some time to check out their work below, give their Facebook page a like, follow them on any other social media, and, if you like their work, why not buy something! Supporting small, independent businesses helps our economy to grow – and it makes you feel good too. Christmas is coming up, why not buy some presents for friends and family from some of the artists listed below.

Llamas 4 Jeff

Megan specialises in stencil art and loves Pokemon and Dragonball. She has been drawing since 1997, and loves sharing her art with the world. Taking on the challenge of creating a 3D exhbit for her chosen chapter – the Cheshire Cat, Megan has embraced the concept, and put her own spin on it.


Freya Perry: Enchanting Art
Freya on Facebook

Freya has been a supporter of our event for years, having donated art for raffles for previous events. We are delighted to be showcasing some of her work in our exhibit this year. Freya loves colour, and has a beautiful and unique view on the world. She is inspired by nature and her quirky art has a strong spiritual theme. She loves nothing more than creating art from her heart and is delighted when a piece she has lovingly created finds its way into someone else’s home.

Look our for Freya’s gorgeous flamingos in our croquet scene!


Majin Thiees

Specialising in cartoons and anime, Majin has been developing his artistic skills for years. Always learning and growing, his contribution to our event has been a fantastic portrait for the Who Stole the Tarts scene. 


South Scenery

SouthScenery are a theatrical and event staging company. They are responsible for providing the theatre flats which have turned the amazing space in the Horizon Suite into Wonderland chapters. 

Whilst they haven’t provided “traditional art” for this event, they are amazing artists, and provide sets for amateur theatre companies – from building to the artistry on the scenery and props. 


Abbie Collins

 At only 16, Abbie is our youngest official artist, but she is one to watch! She takes art as a GCSE and often draws, sketches and paints in her free time. In the future, Abbie plans on pursuing her creativity and wants to take fine art in college. Keep an eye out for her beautiful painting in the croquet scene.


Tanya Marie

Tanya Marie is a textiles artist and workshop co-ordinator who specialises in working with able and disabled groups. She graduated in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Costume with performance design, with a specialism in workshops and textiles creations. She also has a PGCE and QTS in Secondary Education and currently works as a secondary school teacher specialising in Food and Nutrition and Textiles.

During any spare time she has, she can be found looking into vintage fashion, crocheting and reading. As one of the co-organisers for this event, Tanya has taken on The Tea Party scene!


Becki Short 

Becki’s usual art form of choice is performing, specialising in singing, with a background of musical theatre. However, as the director of a local theatre company (OmniArts), Becki has lots of experience of props and scenery building, as well as an eye for detail. As one of the organisers of the event, Becki has taken on a whole range of 3D builds for the exhibit as well as being in charge of co-ordinating all the other artists and scenes. 



As well as our official artists, we have had lots of other support. From volunteering time, to donating items and money to our event, we couldn’t have done it without these amazing people.

Linda Pye, Becky Dowding, Adrian Dowding, Claire Johnston, Lisa Granshaw, Mollie Granshaw, Katy Lancaster, Carla Read, Emma Little, Emily Irving, Pam Jones, Owen Jones, Mary Short, John Short, Kevin Molloy, Ellen Molloy, Lauren Mitchell, Cassie Fletcher, Kate Toman, Anne Cox, Jackie Tammik, Karen Marson, Andrew Lloyd, Eleanor Marples, Carla Read, Emma Slade, Bev Saunders, Michelle Brown.