In 2017 we are raising money for two homelessness charities/causes. Tanya and Becki chose these charities as both of them have seen first hand how terrifyingly easy it is for anyone to end up homeless, and the horrible consequences that can go along with that as well. Throughout this year we have helped out with some outreach programmes and seen how vital the various programmes in the area are to help the homeless. 

The Bus Rucksack Project

Converting a double decker bus into a shelter for the homeless. The bus will have 12 sleeping pods upstairs with a kitchen, seating area, changing room and toilet downstairs.


The LifeHouse

The LifeHouse is a resource, support centre and kitchen that serves hot food in Albert Road, Southsea. They aim to target immediate needs and issues surrounding homelessness and addiction for those in need in Southsea and Portsmouth.