Interview with “The Twins”

On Friday 11th August, I (Becki) was lucky enough to get to interview the fabulous Ella and Emily. These two are only 7, but are very active members of a local volunteer group who help the homeless (Helping Hands Portsmouth) as well as getting involved with Don’t Hate, Donate – both the work they do for the homeless in Portsmouth, and the work they do to help people in other countries. They have already run their own fundraising event, and helped at others, as well as going out with the volunteers to deliver food to the homeless in Portsmouth.

I asked these two girls who have such big hearts what they thought other people should do when they see someone who is homeless. See the video below for what they thought, and the transcript of the video further down too.

Becki: So today I have “The Twins” with me, and we have Frida as well, of course, so, tell me what are your names and how old are you?

Ella: Hi, my name is Ella and I am 7.

Emily: My name is Emily and I am … 7 years old.

Becki: I thought you were going to say a different age there and I was going to be very worried!

Emily: Yes, I was tempted to say 6.

Becki: So, what do you think of homelessness?

Ella: I think it’s bad that people are homeless, but it’s good that there are people out there helping.

Emily: I think that it’s very very bad that we have homeless but I think it’s great that we have groups that will help the homeless no matter what happens.

Becki: So you guys have been involved with Helping Hands, which is a group in Portsmouth that does a lot with the homeless, so why do you help them and how do you help them?

Ella: We help them by giving out food for the homeless on their breakfast runs. We kept having to run up the steps at Guildhall Square, so we helped them with that because we can run really fast.

Becki: Brilliant. And you’ve done some fundraising yourself haven’t you? What sort of thing have you done?

Ella: A cake sale at Manor Infants.

Emily: And the Summer Fair.

Ella: Our cake sale raise £193.07

Emily: And the summer fair raised six hundred and …

Both: something!

Becki: That’s amazing! And that’s all with Helping Hands isn’t it? So, what do you think other people should do when they see a homeless person?

Emily: They should say nice things and comfort them, and they might give the homeless person some courage.

Ella: They should talk to them, and always say positive things, don’t say negative things because it will make them feel sad.

Becki: Brilliant. Is there anything else you would like to tell everybody who’s watching?

Emily: If you see a homeless person, you should respect them, and if they want you to leave them alone you should. Homeless people don’t have as much as we do, so we need to be kind and thoughtful to them. We need to make sure that they’re not very sad.

Ella: Remember that homeless people are people too, it’s not just you and others, it’s homeless people as well. You need to make sure that they are happy, as well as you and your friends.

Becki: Brilliant. Thank you ever so much girls, hopefully you have helped open some people’s eyes a little bit.

Emily: OH!

Becki: One more thing? Go for it!

Emily: At the Guildhall Square they have on a Saturday Don’t Hate Donate, and the group Helping Hands do breakfast runs on Mondays and dinner runs are on Sundays.

Becki: Brilliant – so that’s a couple of groups that are doing things in Portsmouth already, and obviously there’s the other groups as well – the people that we are raising money for are The Bus and The Lifehouse, who both do really great work in Portsmouth as well, and Helping Hands have been helping us out with some stories about the homeless people in Portsmouth for our event as well.

Thank you ever so much girls. See you later.

All: Bye!